Need a kick?

I am Pietro.

100 % Italian made in Germany.

My wife says, I embody the best of both:

German reliability and Italian flair.


My wife and I once ran a magical little  café and over the years

I' ve learned how to apply my barista magic in places where it was needed most:

trade fairs. 

Because no matter how thrilling, trade fairs can sometimes be stressfull and stuffy.

Good coffee brings people together

It fires up ideas and fosters cooperation

  1. all offers include coffee, tea and hot cocoa 
  2. all-in-one fixed prize with no extra charges
  3. top-quality espresso to entice demanding connoisseurs
  4. Coffee + Customer= Communication
  5. coffee hotspots help get leads and land deals 


Let's press for success!

Espresso Bandits

Pietro D'Alessandro

+49 172. 820  2963